For Teachers:

1. Have you given the student some background to the organization?
2. Have you clearly defined the learning objectives to the organization and the students?
3. Have you ensured the plan for the day with the students and the learning procedure including the timings?
4. Have you elaborated the risk assessments to the students and the safety procedure along with the behavior to be followed?
5. Have you ensured the permission from the Parents and the Guardians regarding the visit?
6. Prepared the students on the personal objectives?
7. Have you helped students form questions to ask in the industry?
8. Have you introduced the students to the scientific topics that they will encounter on the visit?

Checklist for Students:

1. How conducive is the working environment
2. What type of organization is this?
3. Hierarchical structure in the organization
4. Products handled
5. Where is the workplace located?
6. How are the desks arranged?
7. Is it an open office or a closed office?
8. What is the noise level in this industry or factory?
9. What are the staff benefits?
10. Do the employees appear happy and engaged?
11. What are the age level and the gender balance?
12. What are the various departments and the varied availabilities?
13. Commutation mode to employees?
14. Are the employees challenged by their work?
15. What is the company culture followed?
16. The dress code maintained by the employees of both the genders?
17. Could you see yourself as a prospective employee of the company in the future?
18. Does this sector of education fascinate you?

Checklist for Organizing Team:

• We ensure that the school and the company are well aware of the Number of students their age.
• Purpose of the visit is made clear to both the parties and MOU is signed by the company and the school to comply to the rules of the organizing team.
• Do you understand the learning outcomes for the students and have a clear idea of how the visit will meet these?
• Have you carried out a risk assessment and undertaken any other health and safety responsibilities
• Have you got a clear understanding of the plan for the day and the timings of activities?
• Have you arranged any freebies that you could give to the students?