Benefits for the students:

  • Authenticating curriculum work, as students can see first-hand the relevance and application of the science, arts and the subject learnt in the classroom, in the real world.
  • Industry visits can showcase a variety of careers from science and Arts allowing students to make an informed decision about which subjects to study at Degree level or in choosing the sector in their 11th grade.
  • The students have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic guides within the organization, who may change their perception of the intricacies in certain studies and the work that they carry out.
  • Students gain an appreciation of the requirements and demands of working in an industrial environment.
  • The students get an awareness of the economic development the company is providing thus making an initiative to enhance small scale budding Entrepreneurs.

Benefits for the school:

  • Teachers become more aware of careers available from the subject that they teach so can highlight the importance of the subject to their students.
  • The school creates valuable links with local industries.
  • The visit helps to fulfill the requirements of providing careers advice to their students.

Benefits for the Organizations:

  • Hosting an industry visit provides the opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of jobs and careers available within the organization.
  • Staff acting as guides can develop their communication and presentation skills.
  • The visit may help to fulfill organizations’ corporate social responsibility obligations, and help to build links with the school and community that will enhance the profile of the organization.
  • Liaising with schools can allow staff within the organization to acquire an understanding of curriculum developments and therefore, the range of skills that new potential employees possess.
  • The scheme helps to build stronger links between employers and schools.
  • The contribution of the organization towards the development of the country though skilling the young minds with this initiative.