Terms & Conditions

  1. The student should submit risk certificate before commencement of intellectual industrial visit.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during full duration of contract with Sunspring.
  3. Students Id card is compulsory and mandatory for entry thought the trip.
  4. The student should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the organising company.
  5. Photographs or video graphs inside the factory premises are strictly prohibited.
  6. For any damage inside the factory or property or during transportation, during the period of contract, due to the student/students, they are strictly liable for the consequences and expenses.
  7. The students will have bear medical charges if local Doctors including medicine charges attend them.
  8. Ragging should not be done in any case, if found the student will be handed over to police for further action as per RAGGING ACT.
  9. Students should not disturb workers in Industry and strictly adhere to the purpose of the visit.
  10. No students will be allowed to travel separately from the plan scheduled by Sunspring.
  11. The organizer of Sunspring is not responsible for any loss of the belongings of the student. The student should make sure to keep them safe.
  12. For any accident in the factory or in the transportation, Sunspring is not responsible.
  13. Try to avoid laptops and costly mobiles.
  14. The student should strictly abide by the timings.
  15. Strict discipline is expected inside the factory and thought the trip to ensure safety.
  16. Try to be self-conscious and careful during the trip.
  17. Once trip is confirmed, cancellation of visit in full or part is not permitted. No refund of the charges paid for the visit in full or part.
  18. In rare case, due to any Factory Maintenance or Security issues Sunspring has right to cancel the trip where the alternate dates shall be fixed and the trip shall be executed.
  19. The terms and conditions are flexible and Sunspring has full authority to update the terms & conditions without prior notice.


You understand and agree that we may change this Agreement at any time without prior notice.

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