AKS GASES is the largest manufacturer of Liquid Co2 and Dry Ice in the country. It is the Public Limited Company exclusively in the Co2 business. The company has five factories located at Chennai with a cumulative production capacity of over 400 tons per day.

GASES offers high purity Liquid Co2 of 99.99% (International Grade for Food Co2) and services all industrial users covering soft drinks, precision welding and foundries. Our units have been accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008. certification. We have over 200 employees in our organization.

Quality Of High Purity, International Grade for Food Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Our factories are equipped to produce High Purity, International Grade for Food Liquid Carbon Dioxide with purity in excess to 99.99% by vol., nil oil content and moisture less than 10 PPM. We produce International food grade Co2 consistent with international specifications, and are approved vendors for all major soft drink companies.

Storage Infrastructure

To overcome supply constraints caused by Fertilizer Unit shut downs, we have installed very large storage tanks at all factories. We can store about 3800 tons of Liquid Co2 in these tanks at any point of time. We have so far installed and operate 60 storage tanks; several more will be added in the near future. We also have over 50 mobile tankers of 18 tons, 12 tons and 6 tons capacity enabling us to distribute in bulk to our customers having storage tanks for Co2.