Future of Education- A Prediction

Future is uncertain, still one can predict it. If we talk about the future scenario of Indian education it is no less encouraging. The way, in which the reformation in the education sector is being carried out, no doubt the education scenario of the country, will change very soon. Starting from the primary education system, the government is now taking various steps to universalize the elementary education in the country. Various non government organizations (NGOs) have also come forward to join the revolution.

At the higher educational level significant changes have taken place in the system. In the past few years, the scientific and technological developments in the country have got international attention.

The future of Indian education may be summarized on the following lines:

  • Future Indian education will be exceptional.
  • Role of education will be dynamic.
  • Focus will be on technical and professional education.
  • Barriers in getting integrated education will be removed.
  • Education will be based on society's requirements.
  • Present defects of our school education system will be overcome.
  • A different kind of Indian student will emerge.